We can reduce transportation generated emissions by supporting a

local and regional economy. 

Our need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will call on us the reduce reliance on fossil fueled vehicles (cars, buses, trains, planes, ships). A carbon tax will incentivize innovations for adapting our transportation needs to reduce emissions.  This can include planning more pedestrian friendly communities where housing, shopping, schools, employment and culture can be accessed by walking.  This can include shared vehicles and ride sharing for rural residents.  In general, reducing the need for vehicle ton miles is needed to achieve this goal.  The increasing carbon tax will motivate private sector creativity in many diverse ways still to be discovered.  

State investment needs to include multiple modes of transportation.

Steel Interstate

I support subsidies to upgrade N&W railroad tracks on the I-81 corridor to remove through truck traffic (trucks passing through Virginia with no business in Virginia) by carrying driver, tractor and trailer on flatbed rail cars.  This would reduce the traffic on I-81 to within the capacity of the current highway. This concept is call the Steel Interstate as described at Rail Solutions.  This rail system can be powered by electricity which has the potential to be supplied by renewable energy such as utility scale wind generators.  This would result in major reduction in emissions and improve safety on I-81 which is currently operating over the design capacity. 

I support funding for improved bicycle roads. This improves safety and encourages the use of bicycles for recreation, exercise, and transportation. This reduces emissions and improves health.  

I support transition to

Electric Vehicles

by reducing the higher registration fee currently charged for electric cars.

We need to develop policies that support alternatives to private vehicles.

I favor the creation of a bus system that can be accessed at exits along Interstate that would have priority over private vehicles when demand is higher than highway capacity.

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