Renewable Energy Grid

100% Renewable Electric Grid

To achieve this, I propose

Electric utilities (regulated monopolies) should be mandated to install smart meters.

This allows for differential pricing,  Lower prices when production is most abundant and higher prices during peak loads when high cost of stored energy must be used.  This creates incentive to use renewable energy when it is being produced and limit consumption when stored electricity such as utility scale batteries or pump storage electric generation is used.  By matching up availability with prices, the market economy is motivated to adjust consumption practices to match supplies. 

Eliminate limits on production of electricity by decentralized production

to allow for market competition for production options.  Currently here in Virginia, decentralized production is limited to 125% of historical consumption for households or 20 kilowatt total system, whichever is less.  I want to repeal this limitation. 

Legalize competition for power production. 

Currently, only regulated utilities are allowed to produce electricity for sale beyond the limit allowed for household or business.  In addition to power production, regulated utilities would serve as distribution brokers with appropriate compensation. The power of imagination will be released when it is rewarded with compensation.

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