Gun Safety

Restore the One Gun a Month Law

 that was repealed in Virginia in 2012

This provision reduces the practice of purchasing guns for black market resale in adjacent states or jurisdictions that have more restrictive gun laws.

This provision reduces the potential of criminals or would be criminals from amassing a large number of handguns in a short amount of time. 

I support:

Ban assault weapons

These weapons for war that have no legitimate civilian use. I would want to   provide funding for a buyback program of limited time.  After that time, possession of these weapons becomes illegal with criminal penalties.   This restriction would also include a limit on ammo magazines that allow mass killing without the delay required to reload where the victims have an opportunity to save themselves.   

Universal Background Checks

Require all gun purchasers to pass a background check by closing the gun show and on line purchase loopholes in existing laws. Efforts should continue to pursue prohibitions of known dangerous individuals from possessing through the current background check system.Paragraph


The framers of the constitution could not have imagined weapons of mass destruction we now have.  The second amendment of the US Constitution purely interpreted would not consider the destructive power of any weapon.  In practice, our laws have recognized a measure of the destruction as a factor of who is allowed to control.  There is no movement to make atomic bombs available to individuals.  So far there is not much movement towards legalizing fully automatic weapons (machine guns).  It is recognized that these weapons have no legitimate peaceful civilian applications.  Assault weapons (semi-automatic) should be added to this list.  Hunting rifles, shotguns and limited handguns can be justified for hunting and personal defense.   

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