Gas Pipelines

Oppose the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines

These are temporary structures useful until gas sources are depleted.  At a time when our carbon dioxide emissions are above what can be removed from the atmosphere already, these pipelines accelerate emissions of carbon dioxide and methane into our one atmosphere.   

Though natural gas is cleaner when burned than the equivalent fuel value from wood, coal, gasoline, or fuel oil with respect to particulate matter emitted into the local environment. Natural Gas, which is methane (NH4) is 25 times more heat retaining than carbon dioxide. When burned the emissions become CO2. However, 4% leakage from natural gas results in greenhouse gas heat retention equivalent to the same fuel value from burning coal. Greater than 4% leakage is worse than coal. However, Methane remains in the atmosphere for a much shorter time than CO2. Therefore, improvements we make in reducing methane emissions will be seen quicker than reducing CO2 of equal weight. Commonly most wells leak more than 4% , therefore with respect to global warming, it is worse than coal. This concern about natural gas leakage applies to household use as much as well head. Please engage a process for tracking leakage in your house if you use natural gas.

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