Election Reform

Campaign for Free Election

We have free elections.  I was able to qualify for the ballot by achieving the signatures of qualified voters in 24th without cost beyond the print and paper of petitions. 

I am engaging in the forums that are created by candidates that are not accessed by money.  I am not raising money to purchase commercial media. 

It is a failure of democracy when a potential candidate must consider where she is going to get the money to engage the process.


If potential candidates knew they would have access to a mass media that has active consideration by the electorate without purchase, we could encourage new participants.

Create public financed print and broadcast medias

that would be accessed by all candidates that qualify for the ballot without cost to campaigns. This would be structured to encourage substantive dialog on the issues and reveal sources of campaign funding.

This can include a periodical published document that would include campaign finance reports monthly leading up to election.  This document would encourage dialog between the candidates that informs the public on the issues. 

Pre-scheduled broadcast forums run by a non partisan administrator can be created to provide an opportunity for candidates to gain consideration to a mass audience without purchase. 

This would be the most efficient way to provide open access of candidates to the public, preferable to funding candidates to purchase commercial media that seldom achieves a substantive dialog.

The substantive exploration of issues during the campaign have suffered from the influence of unlimited campaign spending.  High dollar candidates are able to purchase broadcast media which creates unequal opportunity for opponents with less funding to respond, leading to distortions. 

Not all free speech is protected.  If you shout loud so that another person cannot be heard, the result is denying the other person their free speech.  Unlimited purchase of media is equivalent to screaming to deny another’s free speech.

Ending Partisan Gerrymandering

I support the passage of SJ306 that amends the state’s constitution to create independent or bipartisan redistricting commissions for future redistricting efforts following the 2020 censes. This bill was passed in 2019.  To be ratified, the provision must be passed again in the coming 2020 legislative session.

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