Carbon Farming

Farming has the potential to achieve net sequestration (removal of more carbon dioxide than the emissions generated by the process.)

I recognize the important contribution of the agriculture sector in providing abundant food to our nation and world.  As an industry that directly impacts the land, farmers are more vulnerable to environmental criticism than white collar industries that do not.  Like all economic sectors with a high component of fossil fuel use, farmers will be challenged to adapt to achieve net sequestration. 

Farmers will be dramatically affected by the impacts of climate crisis.  Changing temperature ranges make past experiences less reliable in guiding future crop selection.  Droughts and floods have heavy impacts on farms. 

Pricing of carbon creates a fund for Sequestration Farming.

Farming is Sequestration. 

Growing plants sequesters (removes) carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen.

Farming that is intended to remove and hold carbon out of the atmosphere should be compensated. 

This creates huge new market for farmers.  With additional income source and a stable market, farmers have the skills and the assets to achieve net sequestration and economic security.  In so doing, farmers are contributing to restoring a critical balance that is a benefit to life resilience.

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