Building Efficiency

Improve new and existing Buildings to achieve near net zero emissions

When all of us are required to protect water quality, it takes away the incentive of pollute to lower cost for farm products over those that would choose not pollute when polluting is allowed.

I propose that Building Inspectors expand their mission beyond enforcement of building regulations to include technical assistance to the construction community to aid in the compliance with building codes and reduced emissions in buildings. 

I believe building codes should have primarily performance requirements over prescriptive requirements. 

The technology already exists to make building near net zero efficiency. 

When we build to 20th century common practice standards, the result is high emissions over the life cycle of the building until efficiency upgrades are retrofitted.  It is much more cost effective to design high efficiency at time of construction. 

I support providing loans for energy efficiency improvements to existing buildings.

that bring existing buildings with durable structure and functional utility value to receive deep energy retrofits that bring it up to near net zero efficiency greatly reducing long term emissions.

I prefer loans to subsidies because it still task the loan recipient to make the nuanced judgments about cost and benefit. As the carbon tax increases, projects can be developed where the energy cost savings are equal or greater than the loan payment, creating a market demand for these improvements.  This savings pays off greatly after the term of the loan is paid off.

This will generate huge job growth!!!

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